Margie Davenport

Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

The Female Athlete Post Partum

Margie Davenport is Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation in the University of Alberta, and also currently holds the Christenson Professorship in Active Healthy Living (2020-2025). Her qualifications include Postdoctoral Fellowship (Physiology and Pharmacology), University of Calgary, 2012; PhD (Integrative Physiology), University of Western Ontario, 2010; BSc (Kinesiology), University of Western Ontario, 2005; BSc (Biology), Trent University, 2001.

Her principal research interest is the investigation of maternal-fetal health outcomes, and an exploration of the preventative role of exercise and/or lifestyle interventions in the development of chronic disease.

She led the development of the SOGC/CSEP 2019 Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity throughout Pregnancy, and the upcoming Canadian Guideline for Postpartum Activity. As a former national team athlete, her recent work has examined elite sport participation during pregnancy, and return to sport following delivery. This line of research aims to develop more inclusive guidelines and policies for elite pregnant/postpartum athletes.

15:45 (Concurrent Session I)

Saturday ~ 6th Nov ~ DAY 1 Session 3A: Special Groups

The Female Athlete Post Partum

Associate Professor Margie Davenport, University of Alberta, CAN