Dr. Richard Willy

Associate Professor, University of Montana, USA

Loading strategies to maximize bone health in the runner

Dr. Richard Willy is an Associate Professor in the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, University of Montana (Missoula, MT, USA). He received his PhD in Biomechanics and Movement Science from the University of Delaware. Dr. Willy has been a clinician for over 20 years. His research aims to develop clinically effective treatments for persons with patellofemoral pain, Achilles tendon injuries, and bone stress injuries. His work focuses on two populations: endurance runners and tactical athletes i.e., Soldiers. He has received funding to support his work from the United States Department of Defense and the Foundation for Physical Therapy.


Saturday ~ 6th Nov ~ DAY 1 Session 2: Bone

Bone Loading during Running - Assessment & Management

University of Montana, USA