Damian Griffin

Professor, Warwick Medical School, UK

The Post Joint Replacement Athlete

Professor Damian Griffin is the founder and lead doctor of the Hip Arthroscopy Clinic.
Professor Griffin obtained a first Class degree in Physiology at Cambridge University and his medical degree from Oxford Univeristy. He trained as an orthopaedic surgeon in Oxford and the United States, and then returned to Cambridge to study and research the clinical epidemiology of musculoskeletal disease.

Professor Griffin moved from his consultant post at Oxford to be the foundation professor at Warwick Medical School in 2002. Since then he has led the development of a new academic department of trauma and orthopaedic surgery with a clear research focus on the assessment of the clinical effectiveness of surgery.

As a busy clinical surgeon, Professor Griffin’s particular passion is the practical application of hip arthroscopy to address problems in young, active or athletic people. After fifteen years of working in this area, hip arthroscopy and hip-preserving surgery has become almost his entire clinical practice and a major part of his research. He is an internationally recognised expert, regularly teaching and lecturing all over the world, and drawing patients for specialist opinions and surgery from the UK, Europe and elsewhere


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The Post Joint Replacement Athlete

Warwick Medical School, UK